How is the unrecognized bill collected?

How to collect the unpaid bills

In this situation, the best chance that the other party can do is to apply to the bank. The first business to be made in case of unrecognized annuity, that is to say, the year in which the annuity is not paid, will appeal to the bank and protest. Providing that the bank to which the application is filed to protest the debtor person is the first business to be made in situations where it is faced with unrequited promissory bill. What does the creditor earn to protest against the debtor who has applied to the bank for unpaid securities and checks?

if you have a third party involved, you can legally apply to these persons. In addition, these protesters are taken to the black list where the banks take away the debtors. As a result of the protest by the bank, the debtor is taken to the black list, which is inevitable for the debtor. This method is a very deterrent method since no one wants to easily enter this black list.

You can arrange for the person to pay the money by drawing a warning. If you can not afford to pay for the bill in these two ways, then the most logical thing to do in our legal system is to apply for the execution. If the result of the protest by the bank and the notice of the debenture creditor does not reach to the end, you can apply for execution to collect the unredeemed securities. After opening the executive line, you can continue to follow the execution according to the nature of the present situation and charge your class by applying the classic foreclosure.

What is the unpaid bill? The unpaid bill is not actually an active penal sanction. If you have a bill, you have signed it and you have not paid this bill, as it has come to you.

In this case, the actions to be carried out on your case follow. In the course of a classical enforcement proceeding, if the money can not be paid, the levying process will be started. If you are not paid on time, you may be foreclosed to the workplace and the home of the debtor. Meanwhile, if there is a registered property on the debtor, the property will be seized, and the home or business will be entitled to the foreclosure by the creditor.

However, there are no penalties other than this. Only the total debt payment with expenses will be made. The borrower is not directly imprisoned in cases where reciprocal bonds issued and signed are unreimbursed or not paid. Prison for debt is not something that is already in the law.

How to Remove Strikes for Unpaid Bill?

We did not pay the bill and came to the valley. In this case, the creditor should preferably go to the bank, submit this bill, ask for a protest, and the second action he will take is to strike a warning. You can make a draw from the notary. You can withdraw a notice from the debtor by going to the notepad after the unpaid bill is protested by the bank. Because you can only provide legal conditions like this.

In summary, the first thing you need to be aware of when striking the other side is the necessity that you must have been attracted to the notary. The second point is that all the information is included in the warning, and when the voicemail is filled, how much is the amount of the debt should be included. In short, when the notice taken by the borrower through a notary is included in the content of the notice, together with all the information, the borrowing amount and the amount of debt must be included. If you do not pay again after you have fulfilled these conditions, you can apply for the classical execution in this case.

Is there Interest an Unpaid Bill on Time?

It will be applied here in the same way as every unpaid loan. But here is a fine point. Rediscount interest, which has more than legal interest, is applied to the interest to be applied to the bill. That is to pay an interest on the interest. If you pay the surplus and you do not pay the senes, the interest you will pay will increase day by day and your debt will continue to multiply. In this case, the interest rate you will pay will be paid to you along with other debts.

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