Today’s Top 12 Investment Tools

It is very important to use the right methods to invest, to choose the most suitable investment vehicle for yourself and to form your strategy. It is useful to get to know the 12 investment tools that are widely used today, in order to really get profitable and reach your goal. Your dominance in the areas of investment you will be able to lead to successful results.


Gold has been an investment instrument widely used in Turkey since ancient times. Many banks now have gold accounts to attract customers. One of the advantages of gold is that prices are generally on the rise unless extraordinary circumstances are concerned. It is a good investment tool for the long term.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are among the valuable investment instruments. Stock Exchange Funds, less risky Type B funds, risky Type A funds are some of the types of funds you can choose from. Investors are particularly interested in the Stock Exchange Funds in recent years.


Stocks remain one of the most preferred investment instruments. If you find stock market indices to be risky, or if you do not have enough information on this area, you can turn to major stock funds.


In order to invest in the stock market, it is necessary to have a certain experience or knowledge in this regard. It would be better if you trained before you started investing in the stock market in order to analyze when and how you would move in the stock market. It is possible to make short, long and medium term investments in the Bourse.

Foreign currency

With the effect of increasing the price of currency trading, our country started to become a more preferred investment instrument than gold. Serious revenues can be obtained through short-term trades. The number of foreign currency account holders is increasing day by day.


Deposit accounts are one of the ideal investment tools for investors who do not like the risk. It will not help you to choose banks that are particularly high in interest to earn thanks to the interest charges of your savings.

Treasury bond

Investors in treasury bills will not disappoint you. It is possible to lend to the state through treasury bills. While it can be preferred as a risk-free investment vehicle, it can also benefit from low tax advantages. The state pays back debt within one year.

Real estate

One of the most preferred investment instruments in Turkey is real estate. Construction companies are still making this investment area very active, and they continue to be seen as a risk-free investment vehicle by investors.

Individual Retirement

Tax advantages, the state’s 25% contribution, etc. have made individual retirement a very popular investment tool in recent years. It is also possible to leave this system when requested.


Forex market is among the most prominent among investment tools. Forex attracts investors with fast money making. Finding detailed information about this market like the stock market and investing in virtual with trial accounts can protect investors from risks.

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