What is the stock market? Everything about the exchange in Article 20

What is Bourse in short?

The stock market can be defined as a market that the buyer and the seller meet through intermediaries. Between the parties, investment instruments such as stock certificates, bonds, bonds are changing hands within certain rules. But at this time the buyer and the seller are not required to face each other. The parties transmit their orders according to the transactions they want to make, so buying and selling takes place.

Stocks known as securities are traded in commodity markets, where commodities are traded. Here, prices are shaped by supply and demand. It is interpreted that the stock market has fallen or has risen because of the changes in supply and demand due to the events happening in the world and in the country. Investors can earn money if they accurately predict these movements that may come to the foreground.


Does the Stock Market Really Make Money?

Yeah, the stock market really makes money. But this process is full of many difficulties. A certain process of patience, experience, knowledge and strategy is required.

You can earn money at the stock exchange by following the anbean, making the necessary analysis, determining the appropriate strategy for your anticipation, and processing at the right time.


How to Start the Stock Exchange?

To start investing in the Bourse, you must first become an official investor. To do so, you must legally communicate with banks or intermediary institutions that provide brokerage services for the stock market. At this stage, you should learn about the conditions of intermediary institutions, their reliability, commission rates and transaction fees. So you have to make your choice. Then you should open your investment account and deposit the money you want to trade.


How Much Lira Is Entered On The Stock Market?

Such an amount is not available. So whether you want to enter the stock market or not, you get 100 liras or 50 liras. There is no such thing as a win or lose according to the amount of money you invest.

You can log in to the stock exchange with the price of 1 stock and the commission you will pay to the brokerage house. The issue is already important; it is not how much money you have entered, but how you can move yourself steadily by setting a good path.


What is bought and sold on the stock exchange?

Even if we refer to the stock market in general with stocks, there are various investment instruments. There are many instruments such as bonds, bonds, indices, currencies, commodities, futures and option contracts. Each of these instruments has different characteristics. Successful investors often include other investment instruments in their portfolio to balance their stock portfolios and maximize their earnings.

You should definitely not invest in a single investment vehicle in the stock market. So if you think that you want to be successful by trading with only one share, you are wrong. What you need to do; to distribute the money you invest in the stock market at different rates to different investment vehicles. In this way you can both control the risks and gain more.


What is Share?

Capital companies are called stocks for the securities they issue to their shareholders to determine their shares. Certain companies have the authority to issue shares and bring various responsibilities. If the company publicly offers its shares to the public, it will become available for sale by investors. That is, some transactions need to go through in order for a stock to be traded in the stock market.

Stocks traded on the stock exchange have a certain value. But this value varies according to the supply and demand factors. On the other hand, investors keep track of these prices and perform the transactions they deem appropriate for buying and selling.


Why People Buy and Sell Stocks?

To earn money! Stocks are the most liquid investment instruments of the stock exchange. In other words, prices are changing rapidly and cash flows are high. It is the best choice for those who want to invest in short or medium or long walks. Trading is easy. Because of these features, every investor is offering options and making money.

Stocks reflect the company they belong to and carry important information for these investors. In other words, an investor who thinks a company will be valued and grows in the future, wants to take its share by investing in stocks. When these expectations are realized, they will also make money. That’s why investing in stocks.


How to Shares Buy and Sell

You will issue an order to your brokerage house to get the stock you think you will gain in the future from a level you consider appropriate. The agent forwards this transaction to the stock market for you and allows it to occur.

When the purchase transaction takes place, the stock portfolio is added. When you have an expectation about the stock, you have to make a sales transaction. For this you again give orders to sell at the price you see fit for the brokerage house. The tool will also transmit this transaction to the stock market and you will have made your sale when it is realized. After all, if your expectation is correct, you will profit.


What Does Stock Prices Vary?

We have said that the prices in the market have changed according to the supply and demand factors. If you are interested in a stock, the price will start to increase soon. In the opposite case it will also decrease. Well, what does it change?

The increase or decrease in interest in a stock is due to many factors, from the world and the country economy to the developments in the company itself. Good developments are taking place within the company and if the future of the country’s economy is seen as bright, the interest in stocks will increase. Because these developments are considered to be worthy of the company and accordingly the price of stocks will rise.


What is the Stock Market Rising and Falling?

It is possible to interpret the rise and fall in the market through indicator indices. The stock market is interpreted as the decline and rise in BIST 100, the indicator index of Istanbul. The movements in the 100 companies that make up BIST 100 are directly indexed. It falls and rises on the stock market because of the factors that affect the value of these companies.

Many factors, from the global economy to the trend of the country, cause the stock market to fall or rise. For example; election periods, such as 17 August and 12 November Earthquakes. Macroeconomic data, uncertainties, global developments are constantly monitored for this reason.


What is the risk of losing in the stock exchange?

This situation, which we can interpret as a fearful dream, is actually something that can be coped with. For this you need to know the risks well and have experience. In the opposite case, the risk of losing will increase. In short, the more information and experience you have about the stock market, the less you will lose.

In the stock market; If you are impatient, uninformed, inexperienced, unplanned, and act according to what you hear from others, you are most likely to lose. You should not neglect to do good research before you create a position to lose in a transaction.


What is Bourse’s Investment Rationale?

Buying at low price, selling high. In this way, the sale is profit from the price difference. Of course, it is necessary to determine why prices are falling and rising, and when to buy and sell. At this point, your stock market information comes into play again. When you get to know the market well, you can understand the investment logic and easily capture positions that will make you money.


What is the Rule of Making Money on the Stock Exchange?

There are some points to be careful in order to make money from the transactions made in the stock exchange. At the beginning of these are the knowledge and experience we always say. You will make money if you know the market well and have the experience to interpret the movements coming to the square.

You need to trade through your own strategies, invest in a certain investment objective, invest in a portfolio instead of a single investment instrument, and do not take credit for what others say.


How to Determine the Strategy to Earn Money on the Exchange?

The Bourse has a great commitment to deal with your own strategies. When you determine the way you want to go in the stock market, you will have developed this strategy as well. So you have to determine what amount you will buy from which stock, what level you will sell it, and so you should have set a target for yourself.

The strategy that will make you money on the Bourse is totally up to you. You should not set a strategy according to what others say or follow.


How is the stock market tracked?

It is not just to follow the market, to follow the values ​​of the feelings you are interested in. You must watch every development from the events that take place in the world to the progress of the country’s economy. all prices, macroeconomic data and applications you can follow. Then you have to improve your ability to interpret according to the developments you have experienced and learn how to analyze prices.


How much money do you get from the stock market?

The amount of money you invest in the investment vehicle, the level from which you enter and exit, and the way you track, will affect your earnings. It is the intersection where two people will get different results even if they invest the same amount of money in the same investment vehicle. How much you will earn on the stock market depends entirely on you.


Where can I find the fragile feathers? The biggest mistake to be made on the Bourse is the search for tips. If you enter the stock market and enter the search for tips to make money on the simple way, you will be cheated or lost. No one wants to share their strategy with anyone in a monetized environment. Even if you do, that method may not be in line with your financial situation and expectations. For this reason, you should learn how to develop your own strategies rather than finding tips.


What happens if the Stock Exchange is a Crusher?

This is a condition of extremism, and usually there is not much to do when it collapses. When you follow some of the famous experts’ comments, the stock market signals about the crash. It is something related to this experience and you will come to the conclusion that when you develop yourself you will understand when you need to exit the stock market.

Great speculations, bad economic conditions such as the bankruptcy of the country’s economy, could lead to the collapse of the stock market. For example; Mortgage Crisis.


How is the transaction carried out in Istanbul Stock Exchange?

You must select one of the brokerage houses that are deemed suitable for trading in the Stock Exchange Istanbul operating in our country and you should create your investment account. After this stage, you can trade stocks, stocks, bonuses and VİOP contracts traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange as you wish by adding your portfolio.


Stock Market History

The first known stock market transactions on the world are based on fairgrounds and market places. At the same time, it is known that the first stock exchange was established in the territory of our country.

The Stock Exchange Istanbul was established in April 2013 with the Istanbul Stock Exchange and the Futures and Options Exchange under one roof. It was founded by the law which came out in 1926 under the name of Istanbul Stock Exchange and Exchange. Before the Istanbul Stock Exchange, the ISE was active on 2 January 1986 under the presidency of Muharrem Karslı.

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