How to donate online?

It is possible to do it online if you want to give zakat to the people. How to make donations online?

If you want to make a donation on Ramadan or Ramadan Feast, you may have questions about where and how you can do this donation.

You need to find payment channels so that you can make a donation and you should be able to transfer your money to where you want to donate. The fastest and easiest of these channels is online. How to donate online?

What is online donation?

Online donation from the various payment systems you can make donations from your digital wallet. if you want, such as payment systems and digital wallet BKM Ekspress you donate by entering their web site, you can if you want to shout to the various categories of aid from the organization.

One way to donate online is to go to the website where you want to donate and find the online donation section. Usually foundations and associations add a button for donation at the entrance of their web sites. You can transfer your donation to the appropriate institution within minutes if you click this split. It is also possible to donate to many institutions on this number. You can also use it to give zakat in Ramadan.

Internet banking donation payments

Almost all banks offer donations through the banks of their customers under the donation payment category. Banks that allow you to donate to ziraatbank, akbank, garanti bank, teb, yapı kredi, DenizBank, knB finansbank, vakıf katılım, turkey finance, sekerbank, vakifbank, halkbank, hsbc.

The place where the donation category is located in the internet banking system of each bank is different. Some banks may also be called institutional payments.

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