Is a Credit Rating Inquiry Paid?

The credit rating has become a concept we often hear. The fact that credit memos are so important is a decisive factor for loans and some other products that you can use in the banks when you need them. The loan easily meets the cash requirements of many people; But the loan applications to be made to the bank will be evaluated first. The assessments here will mainly be made on your credit note. So the documents requested in the bank are the next stage. If your credit score is low, your application will have a negative response. In this case, knowing your credit score means knowing the answer that will be given to your loan application. Credit note; The assessment of your past in your bank and the puer you receive accordingly. Payments you make, timing of payments, credit card debts, credit payments, etc. All of the factors will be included in the evaluation.

Credit Notu Inquiry via Findex

Credit score inquiry is now possible in a very practical way. Unlike the old times, you can learn the credit score. The best way to do this is to check your credit score at the Findex site. You must first register with the Findex official website. In order to learn your credit score from Findex, you have to pay 4 TL after registration. Credit inquiry fee is 4 TL. After depositing this money, you can easily learn your credit score. There are two methods for depositing funds into the system. With credit card and wire transfer, you can download the money. You can request details about your note and your report. You can take the necessary precautions at this point and plan to raise your credit score.

What do Credit Ratings Mean?

There are specific ranges for credit ratings. These range of points reflect how your credit score is. Credit scores range from 0 to 1900. Below you can see in which range your credit score is:

* It is highly unlikely that a credit rating of 0-500 will attract credit. This group is the most risky group.

* At 500-800 credit points, the risk is high, but it is possible, even with a mortgage or guarantor, to attract the loan.

* At 800-1100 credit points, the risk is considered as low. Although it is unlikely to receive a high credit, credits can be credited in lower amounts.

* There is no risk in the credit scores between 1100-1400 and the banks can easily get credit.

* The credit on 1400 and above points can be withdrawn smoothly.

What To Do To Raise Your Credit Rating?

If you see credit after a credit inquiry that you are in a negative group, you can use some methods to improve the situation. First of all you should come to the first planet for you to close your debts. As long as your debt is higher than your income, the banks will be considered risky. It is important to use a credit card even if you are boring, because regularly making payments on the card will make a positive contribution to your credit note. In particular pay attention to paying minimum amounts. Issuing automatic payment instructions will also have a good effect on credit ratings.

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