How can I appeal a credit note?

In life everything is not always what we want. Especially in financial matters, everything does not go as planned. As a result, unfortunately sometimes unpaid debts and sometimes delayed debts can be faced. Perhaps this was not a very important issue in the past, but with the integration of the credit rating into the banking system, we are now more cautious as consumers in these issues. Because banks are dropping the credit rating of consumers for unpaid and delayed debts. After that, there are difficulties in getting a credit card or credit from the bank. Sometimes, however, there may be a mistake in the credit note, even if it is a very small possibility due to some transaction mistakes. At this point it is necessary to object to the credit note.

Please contact this Bank or KKB

If you have an objection to the credit note, the institutions that you can deal with in this regard may be your bank first and then the KKB (Credit Registration Bureau). You can also apply to the Turkish Bankers Association. Of course, you should think about why this happened before you have an objection to it. we must remember whether or not we have any overdue payments against the bank in advance, and even if the amount is small, we can not forget that such delays can reduce our credit rating. If you really do not think you have any problems at this point, you can apply for a credit note objection to the relevant authority. If you have a problem with your payments, then in this case the appeal will be in vain for a waste of time and effort.

How and Where to Apply?

As we said earlier, your credit card will be your first bank to be able to apply for an appeal. If you can not get a result from the bank, you can apply to the General Directorate of KKB this time. By going to the respective departments in turn or by telephone; you may submit your amendment request by declaring that it is a mistake related to your credit rating. In general, if there are any problems, it will probably be resolved after the oral application. However, if there is no positive or negative return to you despite your application, it would be better if you apply with a petition. Please note that your right to petition is a legal right. Any institution or entity you are applying for with a petition must respond to you.

How to write a petition?

In the petition; you have to specify your wishes in a minimal and complete manner. For example;… in the process of questioning the credit note, i realized that.. my credit note …. . I think that there is a mistake in this matter, with no payment delay until today or there is no outstanding debt. You can write in the form of providing feedback on the subject by making necessary checks on the subject.

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